Les Crustaces

Restaurant Les Crustaces, Brussel


Baksteenkaai/Quai aux Briques 8
1000   Brussel

Toon de ligging


02 513 14 93




Belgisch, Frans



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Middag: ma di wo do vr za zo - 00:00 - 00:00
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a tourist trap and a disgrace for the Belgian "cuisine"

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If you want to eat seafood in good old Brussels tradition you don't want to go there. We took a "discovery" meny for 39€ and what we've got is simply a disgrace for food.
First they gave us a simple toast with about 12 Norvegian (why not the famous Belgian Northsee gray schrimps??) frozen tasteless schrimps and a kind of cocktail sauce, after that there was a tiny cup of (fresh from the can) tasteless lobstersoup followed by (another) toast with a tiny slice of the cheapest smoked salmon. After that some sandy mussels gratinated with cheap cheese, a half rubber tiny lobster, a plate with two tny portions of low quality cheese (Brie and Chaumes) and as desert some low quality pastries. on top of this all the service was terrible and chaotic. Some waiters could hardly understand Dutch, French or English and had no idea what they were doing.

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